Aural Only: Ke$ha

There’s a small part of me that actually likes Ke$ha‘s “Sleazy”. While this is extremely hard for me to admit, I’d like to think it has more to do with the beat than the lyrics about cum. The song was produced by hip-hop producer Bangladesh, known for such hits as Beyonce‘s “Diva”, Kelis“Bossy” and Lil Wayne‘s “A Milli”.

As a result, there’s some heavy bass on this track, and it’s almost enough to make me forget about Ke$ha trashy rapping. But, alas, you really can’t ignore that voice! Though I’m willing to admit that I’ll do drunken booty dances to this jam, I don’t ever want to hear it outside of the club…

– Dewitt

To listen to “Sleazy”, follow the JUMP:

16 thoughts on “Aural Only: Ke$ha

  1. WOW!!! now thats an example of a white girl trying to act black if i have ever heard one lol and this bitch needs to be shot lol

  2. bangladesh is ill! kesha is another spin off ! like an inside out oreo. She reminds me of SARAI- Ladies.
    Do I like her lyrics/vocals not really shes a lemming among many in the game she should be greatful bangladesh hyped up her or paid bangladesh off well..

  3. Ugh. Kesha is just pure white and musical trash. She doesn’t even try to be classy, and although it sounds like an oxymoron, you can do sleazy/slutty in a classy way.

  4. You know for as much as you don’t like her you sure do write about her an awful lot. Yes she dresses sleazy and trashy and her song choices are the greatest, but they are freaking addicting and unlike most pop stars that are all about the drama, brittney spears going crazy back in the day, rihanna and the whole chris brown, christina being a dirty skank. You never hear about Ke$ha being in rehab or starting bar fights or anything like that. The only thing you hear about her is her bad fashion choice and her music. Kinda like Lady Gaga…which I would be perfectly fine if Lady Gaga went away for like 2 years. If I hear another thing about her being such a genius with her fashion choices and her music I might go crazy…..What was I talking about again?

  5. Fantastic Song!!!

    Not many artists in recent history has achieved the success she has.

    Who cares if she is trash and skanky?

  6. I like Ke$ha, she kinda grew on me with this whole “Cannibal” ep she’s got go’n & this track right here is definitely a club banger!!!

  7. I dont hate her or like her, She will fade like most ex.(Pink,Britney spears) nothing memorable…
    And for most female artists in the game from first album to the latest how many have them compromised their lyrics/style? MANY!..

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