Aural Only: Kelly Rowland

Given how much you love getting things shoved down your throat, we thought we’d ram more Kelly Rowland into your face! After getting our bodies in motion with her dance hit “Commander”, the former Destiny’s Child star has taken a poppier route for her latest single “Rose Colored Glasses”. Long story short, it’s got “number one hit” written all over it.

Unfortunately, we’ve got a distinct feeling that this track won’t receive the attention it deserves. The music video may provide a much-needed push, thanks to the presence of Kelendria’s utterly fantastic boobage. Oh, and let’s not forget all those ridiculous hand movements.

– Dewitt

To listen to “Rose Colored Glasses”, follow the JUMP:

13 thoughts on “Aural Only: Kelly Rowland

  1. Video could have been better. Didn’t like her look w/ the shirt & tie, otherwise flawless! Song could be a hit if sped up and remixed.

  2. I liked it, but know that sooner or later its gonna show up on all the girls fb walls to show how horrible they got themselves in shit or blah blah blah.

    very sad.

  3. Bless her heart she tries so hard. On a positive note her plastic surgeon did an awesome job. Show them titties guurrl! lol.

  4. In the one outfit,she looks like she’s channeling Donna Summer!And the shirt n tie look is not bad.She’s trying,and suceeding,bitches!Love her!She really needs better material,but the song is catchy.She’s sexy,great T AND A!Give the grrrrrl mad props!lol

  5. I like the song. But I don’t think is R&B chart material. I’m glad Kelly is going more into the dance/pop territory. Some good remixes of this track will make her a dancefloor queen for once and for all.

  6. I love Kelly Rowland, her voice is amazing and this song is really awesome. The video is a little eh but the song is fantastic.

  7. what..are you crazy? shes got big man-hands..that dragqueens got this one! will be done in every show nationwide!!

  8. I’m a college football player that just came out and I normally go for rock tunes but this songs got nice words if u listen. I Like the beat and sound. Awesome job Kelly. We need some new music stars out here. Sick of the same shit all the time. Just downloaded it to my hit list.

  9. Song is okay. Video was terrible and I don’t like Kelly with bangs. She looks better with short hair. She needs to call David Guetta and have him remix this song and then redo the video.

  10. great song, if a little forgettable… a phat remix would make it exceptional. Will add though, she’s had some amazing breast implants! props to her surgeon, he did a great job.

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