Audi Helps Spider-Man With A School Project In Short Promo Video

The new Spider-Man movie won’t open for another two weeks, but the brand integrations are in full swing. Audi released a digital video portraying Peter Parker at a school science fair. The spot, by M/H VCCP (formerly Muhtayzik Hoffer), plugs the automaker’s Audi e-tron GT concept car. Audi also struck a product placement deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment for the film, called “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

Scenes include the Audi A7, Audi Q8 and Audi e-tron SUV. “E-tron” is the moniker Audi is using for its new line-up of electric vehicles. The automaker’s electric push recently suffered a setback when it had to recall some of the e-tron SUVs because of a battery issue, which apparently even Spider-Man could not fix.

Via AdAge

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