Ashton Summers And Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck (At 50% Off!)

Calvin Banks and Ashton Summers fuck and then flip on each other in the latest CockyBoys scene. I love when EVERYONE gets a turn.

Moving over to the sofa Ashton works his muscular ass on Calvin’s cock. However, he takes his control into another direction by moving Calvin to the top of the sofa where he fucks him standing up with unleashed energy, in the window for the world to see. They slow things down again as Ashton lies back on the sofa and Calvin rides his cock with HIS own athletic grace. Once again in sync they work themselves up to nearly simultaneous explosive orgasms. Just as Calvin looks ready, Ashton pulls out and shoots a gusher and as his last spurts erupt, Calvin blows his massive load! His body glazed with cum Ashton lies there kissing Calvin tenderly once again like new lovers.

It’s so “aww-worthy” when filthy fucking is followed by tenderness.

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