ANTM: Diane Von Fürstenberg

Well, this is eerily relevant. Last night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model found the fourteen contestants confronting the issue of teen bullying, as they were forced to paint hateful language all over their bodies. Of course, there was a twist! The girls were challenged to put an empowering spin on their chosen insult.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! Earlier in the episode, the models participated in a fashion show for legendary designer Diane von Fürstenberg. As you’re probably aware, Tyra Banks loves torturing people, so this involved walking on an absurdly high, neon runway. Fürstenberg returned as a guest judge for the panel, and that’s all you need to know! Let’s move on to the pictures.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Mathieu Young

To see the pictures from this week’s episode, follow the JUMP:

1. ANN: Why do I love Ann? Let me count the ways! For starters, her ideal boyfriend is a sixty-year old warlock-hobo hybrid who spits fire and makes her sushi. Then she defied all our “awkward girl” expectations and took an incredible photo. I ask you–what’s not to love about this girl? (Bully Word: Giant, Power Word: Amazon)

2. KAYLA: While some folks may find the word “queer” to be empowering, Kayla got very emotional about having it written on her body. Diane Von Fürstenberg nailed it with her critique: “Free is the most beautiful word you could choose, because nothing is more important than freedom. If you look for the freedom, then you will fly. And you look like you’re just about to fly.” (Bully Word: Queer, Power Word: Free)

3. CHELSEY: Remember how I told you Chelsey would be the silent threat? She’s not so silent anymore. And let’s not forget that the gap teeth are so hot right now. Personally, I thought this was the best picture of the bunch, and I was surprised that her name didn’t get called first! Oh, and did you see her walk on the runway? WERQ! (Bully Word: Casper, Power Word: Fearless)

4. KENDAL: When they first brought Kendal’s picture onto the screen, they kept it up for a total of .001 seconds. Obviously, they knew we couldn’t handle all this fierceness, though the judges insisted this wasn’t nearly as good as it should have been. Because apparently she’s a gazelle or something like that? (Bully Word: Lanky, Power Word: Fierce)

5. LEXIE: For reasons unbeknownst to me, I have this ridiculous grudge against Lexie. My dreckitude senses tell me that she’s not the winner, and it’d be better if they just cut her loose before anyone gets attached. Alas, she took a decent photo. Except I still don’t understand why everyone thought looking up was the best way to appear vulnerable. (Bully Word: Elf Ears, Power Word: Unique)

6. LIZ: This shit is intensein a “kind of gave me a boner” sort of way. There’s an androgynous element to this shot, which was somehow expected yet not expected at all. I almost teared up a little when Liz revealed that people called her “mutt”. That’s just terrible! (Bully Word: Mutt, Power Word: Biracial Beauty)

7. JANE: Um, how is “big square head” more empowering than “big face”? While I didn’t understand Jane’s intentions, she still looked pretty damn good. She runs the risk of fading into the background, but that might not necessarily be a bad thing. (Bully Word: Big Face, Power Word: Big Square Head)

8. ESTHER: I like Esther. I really do. But much like Lexie, it’s already blatantly clear that she won’t win this competition. The fashion industry isn’t going to bend over backwards for her 30G breasts. Tyra loves to invite the “different” girls to her party, but she never lets them take the grand prize. (Bully Word: Weirdo, Power Word: Independent)

9. CHRIS: The weaker half of the sister-sister duo has proven that she may be the stronger half. Given her radiant “let me lift my weave” personality, something tells me they’ll keep Chris around for a while. Even if she’s not the strongest model, this chick is entertaining as hell. (Bully Word: Bony, Power Word: Slim)

10. RHIANNA: Every single time Rhianna appears on my television, I keep thinking I’m watching re-runs of Blossom. Sure, she doesn’t look anything like Mayim Bialik, but she’s always wearing those damn hats. It’s gotten to the point where I sing “in my opininionation, the sun is gonna surely shine” whenever I see her face. And speaking of faces… Holy nostrils, Batman!  (Bully Word: Stupid, Power Word: Undefinable)

11. KACEY: Although his may not be the most breathtaking picture, let’s give Kacey credit where credit’s due. Without the aid of her glasses, she stomped the hell out of that elevated runway. I was sitting there expecting her to fall off or something, and then she was all like, “NOPE! I’m gonna bring it, you dirty cock slut.” Okay, so she didn’t actually say that. But I like to pretend. (Bully Word: Oreo, Power Word: Nubian Queen)

12. SARA: Tyra thought this shot resembled a beautiful Barbie doll. In other words? Sara chose the worst season possible to apply for America’s Next Top Model. Most likely, she’ll be the first girl eliminated for being too commercial. It’s all about high fashion, baby! (Bully Word: Manly, Power Word: Athletic)

13. TERRA (Bottom Two): This truly broke my heart. While watching Terra on set, I wanted to hop through my television and shake some sense into this girl. She could have done so much with this picture, but in the end she just looked like a deer caught in headlights. The point was to own your bully word, not look like you’re being bullied. (Bully Word: Soup Cooler, Power Word: Luscious Lips)

14. ANAMARIA (Eliminated): Before I begin, what kind of power word is “sexy mouth”? The saddest part about Anamaria was that she refused to acknowledge her body looks unhealthy. She consistently talked about being “next level”, which would be true if the next level was “Skeletor”. Hmm, maybe she’ll have a future in an upcoming He-Man live action movie… (Bully Word: Bucktooth, Power Word: Sexy Mouth)

7 thoughts on “ANTM: Diane Von Fürstenberg

  1. I wondered about making someone write an insult on their body . . . speaking of loving to torture people. I also wished that our little lesbian had claimed “queer” as her empowering word, as at least some of us have.

  2. Well surprise surprise, Tyra keeps a black girl over a white girl! Please, Terra was way beyond help with that picture.

  3. For once, the top 6 called are my top 6 girls of the season. I hope they all continue to do well and make it to the top.

  4. why do people comment when they have no relevance to the post…just wondering. I was glad they got rid of Anamaria, I couldn’t watch another episode with her like that. I feel bad for the girl, hope she gets some help. I just really like a lot of these girls, therefore I won’t state every opinion lol, but I was very satisfied with the results.

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