Anderson Cooper & The Craziness of Cindy Jacobs

Oh, have you heard? When God is angry, he makes it rain! And he makes it rain dead birds. That’s the story according to Cindy Jacobs, a “prophet” who claims the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is directly related to hundreds of mysterious bird deaths.

She’s basically Jerri Blank from Strangers With Candy–thank goodness we’re not the only one who noticed that–except this woman is crazier and driven by her religious beliefs. Not so surprisingly, she made it onto Anderson Cooper‘s “Ridiculist” segment. Watch and proceed to cringe in horror…

– Dewitt

To watch a clip of this news segment, follow the JUMP:

And here’s the original video:

32 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper & The Craziness of Cindy Jacobs

  1. Ok I too am a profit…oops, a prophet of the lord jeebus…first, this lady is doing the deebils work…shun her…she bleeds several days out of the month…UNCLEAN SHE DEEBIL!!!…n second, the lord jeebus luvs gays…its blackbirds and fish in arkansas he hates…thats why he killed THEM!!!… third, the bible doesnt not say marriage is between a man and a woman…and last, she is not a she…looks like a badly dressed drag queen (sorry ladies), or a repressed lesbian…lol

  2. sorry…just cant let this go…the bible also states a woman can not preach the word of the lord…she is a offense to the lord…and is this the 21st century or the 12th…sick of all this “prophet of the lord” crap from pinheads, assholes, and whore mongers…this crazy lady is not telling us the word or will of the lord…cause if this is the best he can do…DAMN we are screwed!!!

  3. See the birds didn’t die because DADT was repealed, its because a WOMAN is preaching the Lord’s word…. I’m always facinated when people start taking out selected passages from the Bible, we select what we want to believe and discard the rest.
    PS I’m wondering if she ever heard of free will, why would God give us free will if he’s going to send a tsunami everytime we make a decision?

  4. Biblical quotes of the day: “The Lord brought Evil …” Job 42:11 and, “The Lord is a Shepherd I shall NOT want”, Psalm 23.

    Nuff said ;-)lol

  5. Are those her or her husbands anal beads around her neck? I think she got dressed to quickly in the dark!

  6. and one last thing…the bible is a book…its a good book, but it is not the ONLY book…tired of idiots picking n choosing what they want to preach against, or hate on…as for these false “profits” (cause they are in it for the $$$ ) of the lord…”Get Thee Behind Me Satan!”…

  7. i actually feel sorry for this woman. she does not seem to have much going for her really. breaking out of the craziness of religion is very hard to do for some people. when you have had a person telling you that god is talking to you..wait no you cant talk to god..wait didnt you listen to god?..damn the devil said that not god..well pray to god and tell him what you being exposed to that from birth does all sorts of terrible things to a mind. all i see is a vulnerable scared woman. it makes me feel nothing but compassion for her.

  8. I’m not a profit but I did serve 22 years in the US Navy. I was born gay so figure it out. When I was younger I had 2 or 3 guys in every port! Now some bitch who has never served a day in her life comes up with some stupid story of dead birds and DADT. The greatest thing to happen to the military in years is the repeal of DADT. The American media should be listening to gay Veterans who have served instead of crakpots who are Evangelical Fundamentalists. These Fundamentalists know nothing and many have never served. The American media needs to stick to sources who are gay and Veterans, since we are the highest form of life in America today! If you ain’t a Gay Veteran you ain’t shit!!

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