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Grundgetta from Sesame Street just released her debut album! Actually, it’s just the re-release of Ke$ha‘s Animal, but who can even tell the difference between those two? Rumor has it that they both enjoy passing out in dumpsters and cum on their boobs.

And I bet they’re both super proud of Cannibal, the eight-song (and one remix) supplement to the trashy pop star’s first album. It’s full of potential radio hits, providing the perfect soundtrack for swigging a bottle of Jack Daniels while blowing your best friend’s uncle.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to buy Ke$ha any new fans. Even though rabid supporters claim songs like “Cannibal” or “Blow” will convert the naysayers, they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. The only semi-tolerable moments on this album occur within the verses of “The Harold Song” and “C U Next Tuesday”. Then it’s all out the window once the choruses come along.

This is more of the same. If you own a copy of Animal and you love it, then you’ll probably want to add Cannibal to your collection. If you’re a sensible human being who stays far away from atrocious music, then you’ll probably want to pick up a copy of this album for your worst enemy… And then force him or her to listen to it.

– Dewitt

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163 thoughts on “Album Review: Ke$ha

  1. I personally think Kesha’s music (and yes, I refuse to put the $ in) is completely trashy, and not in a guilty pleasure kind of a way. It’s poorly “sung” and not at all worth my money. I wouldn’t handle it with a hazmat suit on.

  2. Wow that is really harsh. This re-release has made me fall in love with this chick! She just has fun and dosnt give a fuck

  3. I’m glad you like her, and that her music makes you happy, and I can’t argue with that. But for my own personal tastes, I prefer a singer A. who can actually sing well and B. with some musical substance. For me, an excellent example of a talented singer and performer who also has fun and doesn’t give a fuck is Pink.

  4. she is trashy and cheap and totally fake, but her songs are kinda catchy and hard to avoid.

    by the way, can she finally take another photo?
    all her album & single covers look like the same recoloured/remastered version of the same photo.

  5. Regardless of how well she “sings” she is still one of the leading queens of music in the teenage world. I wouldnt really consider any of your favorite music to be my favorite Dewitt, considering half of it is generations old. Kesha puts a new card on the table for teenagers dealing with conflicting emotions, sexual desires, and teenage angst. Javier, Pink may be one of the badest bitches in town but shes unfortunately afraid to say what she wants. Her songs are great, ive got her albums, but she isnt the type of artist that lets herself completely out there. And she’s not aimed towards today’s society of partiers, sex driven, uncontrollable teenagers.

    If you think she’s a trashy girl, then you obviously werent invited to a lot of parties in your highschool years.

  6. I agree with Mike.

    Regardless of how anyone feels about her singing, her music is topping the charts and she is about as current as it comes these days, so good for her!

  7. Kehsa can hit notes and is participating in – and aware of – the pop scene, in a very current, fun, light-hearted, upbeat way. I loved Animal, and I love Cannibal, and while I’ll hardly be vouching for her as a significant artist of the times, I think she’s representative of the sound of pop music right now, and in that vein, she succeeds with flying colors.

    Plus she’s trashy as hell, and I love trashy as hell.

  8. I am not interested in her at all. Besides Tik Tok, I never liked anything from her and it’s the fact that she abuses auto-tune in her music. To me that’s not a real singer. Yes, she’s getting a lot of attention and #1 singles, but in the big scheme of things she won’t be remember in the long run. So you guys better enjoy her now that she’s hot, while the next best thing arrives in the scene.

  9. Not a fan of Ke$ha but I found this incredibly funny:

    “they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.”

    That’s funny! Neither do you when it comes to music.

  10. Ke$ha is great. She’s smarter than people realize and is laughing all the way to the bank.

    Her music is completely mindless, subversive, disgusting and addictive. “Sleazy” and “Cannibal” especially are amazing; the latter being the best Peaches song since… er, ever?

  11. This is a great companion CD. Why do we hate cuz someone is slutty and sketchy? I can be both and I hope people dont hate me for it.

    Kesha makes music that the world wants to listen to. All of her songs chart in the top 10, as well as all of her collaborations. This is not just a shot in the dark artist.

    True her music may not be for all, neither may her lifestyle, but who are we to judge on another’s lifestyle?

    Her songs may not be Celine-driven with heart-pumping fists and emotions, but they are what they are. Good pop, rock, dance music that’s a little bit different than what we are used to. I remember when Pink 1st came out, people thought she was ghetto and trash, and look at her now – she has survived 10 years of countless hit songs and albums.

    Give Kesha a try – at least listen to: “Blow,” “Crazy Beautiful Life,” “Cannibal,” “C U Next Tuesday” and the remix to Animal. If you still don’t like her that is your choice, but you don’t have to hate on her.

  12. Ian – WELL SAID!!!

    I could not agree with you more.

    I also like the song “Grow A Pear” and of course “We R Who We R.” My fave Kesha song of all time is “Boots and Boys” – I challenge all haters to listen to that song.

    But like you said, she is making music that people like. I also like the fact that she is not overly produced – those are her vocals.

    I agree that if you choose not to like her, that is your choice, but dont hate. Aren’t we supposed to be above that?

  13. Totally trashy and stupid.. but her songs are catchy as eff!

    oh and i hate that dollar sign in her name! i think i would respect her more if she took it out.

  14. I agree with Ian as well. I have a few of her songs that I listen to once in a while. It may be blunt and cliche to say this but it’s all up to peoples tastes in music. This is also reminding me of a saying one of my business professors has: Off the bat, 10% of people will like you, 10% will dislike you, and 80% will think you as fair or be neutral.

  15. If you want that sound from someone who’s actually kind of awesome i suggest you hit up Uffie. The American music industry completely stole her sound and placed it on that thing we call Ke$ha. here’s Uffie’s big hit ‘Pop the Glock’ which is years before K and notice how not only K sounds like her but her videos are like hers as well:

  16. If you want that sound from someone who’s actually kind of awesome i suggest you hit up Uffie. The American music industry completely stole her sound and placed it on that thing we call Ke$ha. here’s Uffie’s big hit ‘Pop the Glock’ which is years before K and notice how not only K sounds like her but her videos are like hers as well:

  17. I like Ke$ha because she’s so authentic. She’s fucking legit. She wrote every song on both her debut AND this album, and was a songwriter for a while before hitting it big.

    It’s just SO easy to hate Ke$ha, and when people just bring her up just to diss her out, I just roll my eyes and think – no, KNOW – that they’re going with what others are saying, y’know, the ones who think they have such discerning taste that can speak for everyone else; the ones who are likely to praise Alicia Keys, simply because she plays a freakin’ piano.

    I listen to a LOT of music. Seriously. My library just grows and grows. I can’t stand most mainstream music, but the reason I like Ke$ha is because she’s so unapologetic about herself and in what she does. When artists receive critical or public backlash for an album, they usually coil back up and record something that’s really “safe” and release it within 7 months of the last album. Animal got a lot of backlash, but a lot of people also embraced it. To record a song like “Sleazy” is even a risk. She probably knows this and still goes for the kill.

  18. Really? This sounds like trash. If I was sitting here in my hipster jeans looking for a generic British girl looking to monologue over generic beats I would listen to Uffie.

    While Ke$ha might not be an eloquent songstress either, she can at least weave more amusing songs than this…

  19. I really only liked a few of her songs before, but Cannibal convinced me to buy the combo and now i really love her. Sure not my favorite artist, but I still think that its fun to dance and “sing” along to.

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