Album Review: Jason Derülo


What's the most surprising thing about Jason Derülo's self-titled debut? That it's actually enjoyable. The lyrics are predictably cliché, and they're (even more predictably) delivered with the assistance of auto-tune. If this guy possesses any true talent, it certainly isn't showcased very well on this project.

Despite all of those factors, this is a perfectly decent pop album packed with potential singles. "Love Hangover", which thankfully is not a cover of Diana Ross, will surely be blasting on the airwaves before summer hits, and "Blind" could be a surefire smash on both R&B and adult-contemporary radio stations. Among a landscape of male singers whose sound blends in to one another, Derülo's ability to span genres may enable him to have a career beyond this album.

Hopefully, he'll consider working with a few other producers in the future. While J. R. Rotem doesn't match him up with any songs as disastrous as Vanessa Hudgens' "Sneakernight", his production style becomes rather tired by the end of album. Let's just say that you won't be screaming for an "Encore" by the time the seventh song rolls around.

– Dewitt

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