A younger version of DC Comics’ Aquaman has come out as LGBTQ

The animated character Aquaman was confirmed to be LGBT+ on the latest episode of Young Justice: Outsiders, the DC Universe’s animated show about teenage superheroes. The latest episode, “Quiet Conversations,” saw the iconic DC superhero exchange a kiss with Wynnde, an Atlantean man, while holding his hands.

The series also features a non-binary Muslim hero, Halo. Fans on Twitter were quick to praise the series for making Aquaman queer.
 “Apparently Aquaman from Young Justice is gay and just had an on screen kiss with another man? Why aren’t more people talking about this? I don’t even watch the show but this is a huge moment in animation history, holy crap!” said one person.

Another said, Holy carp! Just watched the latest #YoungJusticeOutsiders and the aqua man is gay? A bi racial gay super hero? I LOVE THIS! I’m inspired! Thank you  @TheDCUniverse for this moment! I already thought aqualad was awesome but he’s now my favourite!

Since its first appearance in 1941, the legendary monarch of the undersea realm of Atlantis and King of the Seven Seas has been a symbol of super-strength and fighting prowess. He now joins the LGBTQ family of superheroes, next to Marvel’s Iceman; America Chavez, the first LGBTQ Latinx superhero to get her own solo DC Comic; Midnighter and Apollo, DC Comic’s first gay superhero couple and the much-awaited upcoming TV adaptation of “Batwoma n” the first show to center on a LGBTQ superhero.


Via Pink News!/ NY Daily News

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