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Last May, muscular gay porn star Coby Mitchell has returned to porn and got fucked by Derek Atlas in Hot House’s Hard Medicine. For his fans who want to see him top, today is releasing his new scene called My Mom’s New Husband Part […]

Seth Santoro Takes On Eddy Adams’ Ridiculously Thick 9 x 8 Inch Dick

Whether you love him deeply or don’t get the hype, Eddy Adams and his ridiculously thick 9 x 8 inch dick have been extraordinarily popular on Manhunt Daily. You couldn’t help clicking through to see him pounding beefy Navy Corpsman Logan or pint-sized power bottom Armond […]

Flipping Out: Paul Wagner & Billy Santoro Slam One Another HARD In “Stunners”

My dick has been waiting impatiently for Paul Wagner and Billy Santoro‘s scene together in Falcon‘s new flick Stunners. It’s scientifically proven that Paul’s the epitome of male perfection, whether he’s bottoming for Connor Maguire in a backyard, fucking Johnny Rapid in a bath tub, rimming […]

Flipping Out: Dirk Caber & Billy Santoro Get Piggy In MEN.COM’s “Neighbors”

Thanks to the incredible popularity of the “Stepfather’s Secret” series, Dirk Caber has become something of a breakout star on MEN.COM. He followed up his dirty daddy role by appearing on the site for his first double-penetration scene, happily stretching open his fuzzy hole to […]

Four Play: Billy Santoro Does The Cable Guy, The Pizza Guy & A Police Officer

What the hell happened to Billy Santoro? He delivered a handful of legitimately great scenes in his six-month stint as an exclusive model for MEN.COM, from the time he bottomed for Topher DiMaggio in “Gaywatch” to his futuristic fling with Colby Keller in “Sex Traveler“. […]