Manhunt At MAL: Boomer Banks, Dildo Shows, And Plenty Of Pics!

It was a celebration of mansex from coast to coast last weekend! On the west coast, we had Hustlaball Vegas going on. And on the east? Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend aka MAL! The two-day celebration of all things manly! You know, manly things like leather, dildos, chains, and DICK. SOOOOO much dick! Manhunt was proud to […]

7 Questions: Boomer Banks

Boomer Banks! Boomer “Love Gives Me A Boner” Banks! I got to interview Boomer Banks! Ok, it was a phone interview but HE spoke to ME. I’ll never wash this ear again. Boomer Banks is one of the most popular porn models in the industry. His scenes have become legend, especially his last few over […]

Liam Riley, Levi Karter, and Boomer Banks Teach You To “Love Yourself”

Normally ads irritate me (You: “But aren’t most of your posts ads for porn?” Me: “Shut up.”) but when CockyBoys teams Liam Riley, Levi Karter, and Boomer Banks with Fleshjack, well, that’s an ad I can get behind! It was directed by Cocky Boys’ head genius Jake Jaxon. CockyBoys is excited to announce their collaboration […]

Cocky Boys: Alex Mecum Took Boomer Banks For A Fuck By The Lake (50% Off!)

This starts off so romantic, but ends so filthy! Seriously, Cocky Boys shoots such beautiful scenes. If one didn’t know any better, they would think this was a sensitive indie film about two dudes in love, who are going for a walk by the lake. But this is Cocky Boys so… Boomer gets down on […]

Boomer Banks: “Love Gives Me A Boner.”

That’s the best argument for a relationship that we’ve heard all day. Know what gives me a boner? These two coming together in manly groans and slapping flesh. CCocky Boys’ “Just Love” series is gaining mainstream recognition (well, GAY mainstream recognition) for taking a kinder, softer, more intimate (emotionally) kind of pornographic filmmaking. The latest […]

69 Questions With Boomer Banks

Brought to you by GUY Magazine Here’s Boomer’s 69 Questions interview, published earlier this week in GUY Magazine. By Alexander Kacala: 1.Where do you live? New York City 2. What’s your favorite activity in Boston? Walking 3. If you had to move, where would you move? I live in Chelsea. I would move to the […]

Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Boomer Banks Gives Aaron Steel A DEEP Pounding

In case you haven’t noticed, Boomer Banks is at the top of the game right now. He’s nominated in three categories for the 2015 Hookies—including the coveted Best Porn Star Escort award—and with only a few days of voting left before the big event, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he picks up a win […]

Flipping Out: Boomer Banks & Brian Bonds Get Rough & Nasty

It seems like Boomer Banks transformed into a whole new man over the past few months. His energy was explosive in clips with Shawn Wolfe and Mike De Marko, and now that he’s officially made his bottoming debut with Sean Zevran, it’s like he can’t stop giving away his hole to every single man who […]