7 Men Who Are Packing 7 Inches or More

Seven inches is a good size, no? Be careful how you answer that! You’re replying to someone who might take it personally (though if we’re being entirely honest, I couldn’t give two and a half flying fucks if you’d reject me for my penis size alone). While I’ve always had trouble taking the compliment when the word “big” is thrown at my junk, it’s happened enough times—#HumbleBrag—to include the 7-8 inch range in our Big Dick Week festivities.

So without further ado, here’s the natural follow-up to “8 Men Who Are Packing 8 Inches or More“. I’ve searched through our batch of Manhunt Now newsletter candidates to track down seven men who claim they’ve got 7 or 7.5 inches on their Manhunt profiles… But are any of them brave enough to show you? If I told you, that would spoil all the fun! Click through to find out for yourself.

– Dewitt

Click any name or picture below to see more of each guy:









3 Maestropig



4 R1skyBus1ness 3












8 thoughts on “7 Men Who Are Packing 7 Inches or More

  1. It’s amazing how the English language has changed over the years. Just a few years ago, who would ever have thought that I’d be telling someone to “Google Jim Wilkinson Images to see my work”? Another thing that’s been “invented” over the years is two gay men talking about someone and one of them makes a reference to “Manhunt inches”. In other words, there’s real life and then there’s what men post on their profiles. I’m not sure of the point of this post, my friend, but I can tell you that the pics on all of the profiles don’t show anything even remotely impressive. There’s one image of a very small looking cock and that guy would have to be a major grower to be even 6 inches… On a post like this, I’m sure that I’m not the other man who’s thinking “Show me the meat”. Their faces are handsome on a few, but this isn’t a post on faces.

  2. Speaking of size, I’d like to take this opportunity to address one peeve of mine regarding how to measure girth (my personal favorite dimension). Guys, it’s CIRCUMFERENCE that’s the measurement we’re looking for, not diameter. I don’t even know how you get an accurate diameter without either measuring at the tip (where it’s the smallest) or slicing the cock in half to get a cross section measurement — and that’s just wrong, not to mention painful! Just ask John Wayne Bobbit. 😛

  3. As a Jamaican who has been gifted with a Jamaican sized dick, I am constantly goaded by guys that “Size queens would love you”. Actually as a total top I like guys who have the same size as I do. Other tops and seriously hung bottoms. That make me a size fetishist too?

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