Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande Collaborate on New Single, “Stuck With U”

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande are out with their new charity collaboration, “Stuck With U,” billed as a “prom song” for those unable to attend due to the coronavirus pandemic. Proceeds from the single will benefit the First Responders Children’s Foundation. The touching video — which […]

Critic Calls Gay Characters ‘Unnecessary,’ Netflix Responds

Netflix does a lot for LGBTQ+ representation on film and television. Sure, the streamer has made some missteps but on the whole, they have helped to increase representation in important ways. Shows like Sex Education, Elite, Hollywood, and more complicate existing tropes around queer and trans folks at times, while also […]

Deep Dive

Chris Peyton makes his way down to Seth Peterson’s pants and unbuttons his fly, revealing hot yellow drawers, highlighting his hard-on. Chris wastes no time, inhaling the dark haired dude’s dick like dinner. Then, Peterson pushes the big boy onto the bed, pulls down his […]