Merry Christmas!!! Here’s Johnny Rapid Getting Fucked In A Prison Shower Again….

Everyone knows what the holiday season’s really all about—gay porn prison fuck! Johnny Rapid and his gaping young anus can’t catch a break in Jizz Orgy‘s riveting new release Prison Shower 3. This marks the 80,000,000th time Johnny has been double-penetrated by a dick and […]

Popular Demand: The Week of People Believing Cody Cummings Is An Openly Gay Man (And Us Laughing)

Our fake story about Cody Cummings coming out of the closet went semi-viral last week, despite a bogus quote about lemons and a disclaimer at the bottom which clearly read “Everything in this post is a lie. All of it.” We gave shit to a […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By The Best Gay Porn Roundups of 2012 (And Gigantic Cum Shots)

Were these the best gay porn scenes of 2012?!?! Probably not. Were these, however, the most popular posts from our gay porn roundup series The Cock Buffet? Absolutely. This past year, The Cock Buffet thrived in its new weekend time slot, becoming one of the […]