Manhunt Man Of The Week: Simmyguy244


Simmyguy244 needs me to put my cock directly in his mouth, and keep it there for a long, long time. But we’ll 69 so I can run my hands all over his hot body. What are YOU doing for the holidays? Perhaps you’re plotting to become the next “Manhunt Man of the Week”! Let us help you! Go here and answer the Manhunt Questionnaire in a sexy and entertaining fashion. And have some hot pics. Just be hot. That’s really all you need. Go here to begin your “Manhunt Man of the Week” journey.

You know he gets 30 days of Unlimited Access on Manhunt, right?

– J. Harvey

To get to know Simmyguy244, Follow the BREAK:

Manhunt profile name: Simmyguy244
Age: 21
Location: Connecticut


What was the hottest Manhunt hookup you’ve experienced so far? Who was it with, where did it take place, and why was it hot?

Well when I was 19. I met this guy via Manhunt and we hit it off immediately. After talking for several hours. I met him at a hotel and had a hot sexual evening. We continue to hook up to this day when he’s in town. 😉

What’s your favorite part on a guy and why?

Honestly, I can appreciate a nice ass on a guy. I know that I’m a bottom but it’s something about a guy’s ass that gets me turned on.


Name the top three sexiest men in the world, with #1 being the hottest. Why do you find them sexy?

Hmm, I don’t think I can name the top 3 because there are a lot of guys that tie. But David Beckham and Tom Brady are definitely at the top love sports guys for some reason.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex? Tell us about the encounter.

Umm, well the night I lost my virginity was pretty unusual. It just so happened to be homecoming dance night my junior year of high school and me and this guy I had crushing on since freshman year wanted to “talk” to me after he pissed me off in class that day. Well “talking” turned out to be him trying to shove his tongue and cock down my throat. And we ended up having the wildest sex in the schools back parking lot and on top of my car.

Does size matter? Why do you feel that way?

Ehh. I don’t think it matters that much. It all depends on how you work it. 😉


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