An Overlooked Christmas Gem (Oh, And Manhunt Is Sponsoring Barcelona’s Circuit Festival 2013)

She’s GORGEOUS. Here’s a Christmas vid publicizing this summer’s Circuit Festival in Barcelona. It’s the biggest international gay and lesbian event, and will run from August 8 to the 18th. It’s the biggest because this gorgeous Transa Claus is involved. Have you ever seen such […]

In Bed With Colby Keller: Cum For The Day After Christmas! (Cum Part 2)

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, everybody! Here’s Colby Keller telling you all about cum flavors! I’d much rather watch this amusing and informative video about semen than some “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” bullshit. We’re returning you post-sex toy series to Colby’s tutorials on jizz. […]