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So who watched the Grammys last night? Generally I'm not one to tune into award shows, but I couldn't help being curious with this one. Between the list of nominees and the scheduled performers, there appeared to be a promising chance of hot messes and amazing moments, and they certainly delivered in both respects.

I've rounded up a few of my favorite and least favorite moments of the night, so feel free to click through and check them out. I'd love to hear your opinions on some of these points, since we all seem to have such differing views on music. Bring it on!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times

For a few talking points on the 2010 Grammys, follow the JUMP:

1. Pink's Show Stopping Performance: Lady Gaga who? In a night full of gimmicky, over-the-top performances, Pink's elegant and minimal performance of "Glitter In The Air" was astoundingly refreshing. I was initially taken aback that she decided to perform a non-single from her album, but I was sold from the moment she dropped that white cloak to reveal a nearly nude bodysuit. Knowing that mere nudity isn't enough to impress folks these days, she took it the next level by turning out impressive vocals while suspended and spinning in the air. And when she got dipped in the water? Holy shit, I nearly creamed my drawers.


2. Taylor Swift Wins Everything: Okay, so she didn't actually win everything, but Ms. Swift did manage to beat out Beyonce, Dave Matthews Band, Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas for the coveted title of Album of the Year. Did she actually deserve it? Or was this all a product of post-Kanye pity? I'm asking that quite sincerely, considering that I've never heard her whole album. And after sitting through her lackluster performance with Stevie Nicks, I might not want to hear her whole album.


3. Beyonce Actually Wins Everything: "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" took home a statuette for Song of the Year, with Beyonce claiming six of the ten awards she was nominated for, breaking a record for female artist wins. She also got her diva on with a performance of "If I Were A Boy", which almost made up for the fact that she fucked up the lyrics of Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know".


4. Zac Brown Band Wins Best New Artist: With Keri Hilson, MGMT, Silverson Pickups and The Ting Tings nominated, I would have never guessed that these guys would pick up this award. Then again, these are the Grammys… and what would they be without a total WTF moment like this?


5. Lady Gaga Wears Crazy Shit: Despite being nominated for some of the more notable awards, Gaga couldn't overcome the combined power of Beyonce and Taylor Swift. She still managed to nab both of the dance music awards she was nominated for, and her duet with Elton John left us all "Speechless".


6. Kathy Griffin Loses Again: This woman is desperate to win the award for Best Comedy Album, and her desperation clearly isn't sexy. Stephen Colbert wound up taking the award instead, despite his desperate attempts to impress his obviously embarrassed teenage daughter. So awkward, but in an endearing way.


7. Kings of Leon Get Drunk: Oh, I guess they also won Record of the Year for "Use Somebody", beating out Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas. I'm actually kind of happy about this one, because three out of four of the other nominated songs made me want to rip my ears off.

8. Black Eyed Peas Think They're Futuristic: Does anyone else think the Black Eyed Peas are trying a little too hard? Someone needs to send a memo to Fergie and Will.i.am that dressing up in shiny shit and dancing with cardboard robots does not mean you're from the future. This could only have been worse if they had made it a holographic duet with Elvis.

9. Blige And Bocelli For Haiti: Mary J. Blige could sing anything and I'd cum all over myself, so I was obviously feeling this duet of "Bridge Over Troubled Water". It was one of the few sincere moments of the night that didn't seem like it was intended to sell records.


10. Michael Jackson's 3-D Tribute: Um, why was this such a snooze-fest? It's such a shame that this bland performance represented one of the most electrifying performers in pop music history. I almost teared up a little when Jackson's children hit the stage, and then they had to go and put a commercial for This Is It directly after it all. Manipulative? Damn right.

22 thoughts on “2010 Grammy Awards Discussion Post

  1. Stevie Nicks is so awesome. Taylor looked kinda clueless up there with her.
    Oh, and Joe Jonas looked hot. I hate those teeny boppers, but I would so hit that.

  2. If you thought Pink’s performance for “Glitter in the Air” was the mark of a sheer amazing performance…check out her concert CD/DVD “Funhouse Live from Australia” and be amazed by a FULL concert performance of excellent vocals and brilliant show!

  3. Loved Lady Ga GA, my favorite act. Taylor Swift, well ok, agree with Dewitt’s comment may be post-Kanye compensation. Jamie Fox, forget about it, he couldn’t even lip-sing correctly, (although enjoyed seeing his cock on this site a while ago, lol). Michael Jackson tribute, was expecting something great, something more. Five great singers, only one song . . .I wanted to see Michael clips. Overall a good show, nice seeing all these ‘glammed up” singers, but could have done without Lil Wayne, Emenem, and whoever it was.

  4. ok, dewitt, here we go.
    1. didn’t know pink was an acrobat…
    the performance was very fascinating though and even jaw dropping when she was spinning so fast at the end.
    2. album of the year… oh well, the standards have fallen in the past few years. if albums like gaga’s and black eyed peas’s are even nominated. taylor’s album is pretty bad too. beyonce’s album was so so. ye, all of them had great singles from those albums, but that doesn’t make an album good. couldn’t care less about who’d win it, since none of them deserved it.
    3. not a fan of single ladies at all. gaga deserved it i think. even though grammys is an american award show, gaga achieved a much much greater success with poker face throughout the world than any of beyonce’s songs ever did. check ‘media traffic’ for that.
    4. zac brown band deserved it. their ‘chicken fried’ song is so good. and i like country music a lot, so maybe i’m a bit biased. (taylor swift is not listed as country in my books)
    5. gaga… she should have won more. after all it was her year. but, as a loyal britney fan, i wanted britney to win the dance recording of the year for womanizer… ah well.
    6. ——
    7. i’m glad kings of leon won this, because all other nominees in the 3 main fields are so cheesy and so poppy that it hurts my eyes, because that’s not how grammy should be, it shouldn’t be the reflection of billboard’s charts.
    8. b.e.p. are fun, but they are certainly overdoing it, and the colour of their costumes was totally wrong. black costumes, dark stage… doesnt work well.
    9. ——
    10. haven’t watched the mj tribute.

  5. I was expecting Beyonce pull out all stops for this performance she’s about to leave the music industry for a year for a much needed break so i thought she’s about to Shut It Down! when i saw all those men in metal gear suit’s come out i was like Hell Yeah! half way through i was struggling not to fast forward to the end BTW i know everybody loves Taylor Swift because she a cute little blond country singer but album of the year really? it should have went to BEY GaGa or BEP’S I’m just glad Beyonce took song of the year because Single Ladies was the best song of 2009

  6. Pink was incredible but i had already seen the nude outfit and the aerial performance on her Funhouse Tour so it wasnt that much of a shocker. Gaga was underwhelming and Beyonce, well…she was just BEYONCE. Not a bad show overall but not the best. And where da fuck was Kanye when u need him? Taylor Swift for album of the Year…seriously? … ZZZZzzzZZZ
    for me the highlight of the night was seeing my man Ricky Martin up there presenting and lookin fine as hell!!! YUMMY!

  7. The high point of the show for me was the first one…Lady Gaga and Elton John together. Their piano playing and vocals was a perfect blend of sounds and talent. I hope they do a commercial recording together…at least a single. I’ll bet it would be a hit.
    Taylor Swift, in my opinion and everybody else I know, is a total joke. There are obviously millions of unsophisticated little girls out “there” who buy her records, and she sold the most records, so she won the most awards. Cause and effect. Money talks, and you know the rest.
    As for the guys, I agree that Joe Jonas was hot, and Josh Duhamel is tall and hot.
    I love Pink, but I thought that whole baptism mixed with Cirque De Soleil was pretty weird and must have gotten a lot of folks in the front rows pretty wet. She looked incredible, but the song was a bore.
    Beyonce’ is the consummate artist, a total professional, ultra-talented, and absolutely gorgeous.

  8. …and I thought Mary J. Blige and Sr. Boccelli hit it out of the park, and as for the Michael Jackson tribute, even though Jennifer Hudson and even Carrie Underwood could wail with the best of them, Michael Jackson’s voice outdid all of them attempting to capture the soul of that song. He was a genius and one of the most talented individuals to ever grace the world with the gift of music. I miss him.

  9. 1. I agree with you on Pink!
    2. I can live with Taylor Swift.
    3. I love “Single Ladies”, but Song of the Year!?!?! Lots of Grammy folk on crack, sez me.
    4. Gay bear Grammy voters picked the Best New Artists! 😉
    5. You just know there’s going to be a bunch of young girls who’s gonna want to copy Lady Gaga’s dress for the prom this spring.
    6. Suck it up, Kathy Griffin. There’s always next year. . .
    7. What is is about cute young Pentacostal siblings jacked up on liquor that always makes me pop a chubby? The fact that they also make rock music makes me cream my Calvin Klein’s. . .
    8. I love The Black Eyed Peas; I just can’t WATCH them, is all.
    9. Agreed. You go, Mary J. and Andrea!!!
    10. Please explain to me why Michael’s children had to have their cousins along with them to accept this award? Very, very creepy is how it struck me. . .

  10. Yeh…Michaels kids…not sure what to make of that. There is obviously no genetic relationship with their “father,” so having the cousins up there was maybe meant to reinforce the idea that they are a part of a family that they look nothing like, or something. We don’t need to worry about them, though. They are multi-millionaires for life, and actually, Paris looks like she will be an awesome-looking young woman.

  11. If Taylor Swift has been affected by Stevie Nicks music at all it certainly doesn’t show in her style of music. Shes just a tween teeny bopper who should be left to award shows that are featured on Nickelodeon.

  12. elton john stole the show.
    there is no one like him.
    taylor swift is growing on me for some reason.
    lady gaga superb as always and sir elton and lady gaga was the closest thing to music heaven.
    i loved the set for their performance and the fame factory was kind of mixture of steampunk and phantom of the opera.
    beyonce as always delivered a consistently good performances this year in terms of songs on her album.
    i would marry sir elton, if he serenades me, in a tight jeans with long hair LOL

  13. Are you serious about the Mary thing? She was screaming so hard trying to get to the power Bocelli had. She sounded horrible. Not as bad as Taylor though. I’m a fan of Taylor’s music but she didn’t deserve all the awards she won last night. GaGa deserved a lot more.

  14. I halfway expected Kathy Griffin to rush the stage after her loss. lol. I think she is hilarious.
    I would have liked to see Kings of Leon perform.
    Gaga was great, she didn’t even need Elton.
    Stevie Nicks/Taylor Swift worst pair up of the night. I think the Kanye fiasco actually helped to endear her to voters. Why was jamie foxx asked to perform?

  15. Taylor Swift is supposedly a Country Music Artist ( that is what most of her Awards were for).Why would she Duet w/ Stevie Nicks ( that was Train Wreck) BTW anyway…couldn’t find anyone in Country Music willing to sing w/ her. They had all already heard her perform at the CMA’s and the ACM’s and knew she couldn’t sing Live.

  16. All I can say is: Boo, Beyonce has four more Grammys then Alicia Keys does now. 🙁
    Congratulations to her though, I prefer her then Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga over both those ladies.
    I rolled my eyes when I saw Gaga arrive in what she was wearing. I was like wtf? then I totally loved it. In my eyes she can do no wrong, that bitch is fierce!
    Bummed Kathy Griffin missed out on a Grammy… again. Aah well as someone said earlier there’s always next year. Knowing Kathy she’ll definitely be there.

  17. MAXWELL and Dave Matthew Band! It was about the music finally. Gaga and Elton John were awesome, but I don’t understand the appeal of P!nk. Althought the singing was bad, the arrangement of You Belong with Me was killer.

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