Would You Hit That?: Porter Wescott

You may have noticed that we’ve yet to cover Mason Wyler‘s HIV status. This is partially because it’s a very messy situation, packed with internal drama that we could never comprehend. On top of that, other blogs have been doing a great job at tackling this matter in a thought-provoking fashion.

Feel free to consider this a cop out, or call us cowardly for not taking a stance. But honestly? It’s not our place. If we’re going to say anything about this, we’ll leave it at this–Porter Wescott is a total douche. After ranting on his blog about the Wylers being bad roommates, he then tweeted that they were “spreading disease”. This was pretty much the springboard for a certain blogger to publish Mason’s status (whether he chooses to admit it or not).

Long story short, we would have thought Porter’s actions were immature regardless of whether they led to Mason getting outed as HIV-positive. In fact, it’s made watching his videos incredibly unpleasant, to the point that we can’t even enjoy watching him get fucked in the ass by Randy Blue newcomer Ash Taylor.

I mean, can you still fantasize about having sex with Porter after witnessing such catty behavior? It doesn’t matter whether you’re Team Mason or Team Porter. Hell, we’re not sure we’re either of the two. But when it all comes down to it… would you hit that?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

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