Why Does EVERYONE Want Me To Pee on Them?!?!

That’s it! Watersports have gone mainstream. More and more, I have bottoms approaching me on Manhunt and demanding that I piss on them. You’d think it’d be a helpful suggestion—“Oh, FYI, it’d really turn me on if you treated me like a human urinal”—but nope! It’s a dealbreaker. “If you won’t piss on me, you’re not worth my time”.

The other night, I was talking to a boy who wanted it rough. He wanted me to pin him down, slap him around, humiliate him, call him names, and I was ready and willing to fulfill these requirements!

Then, he asked me to treat him like “a worthless piss slut”. After I informed him that I wasn’t exactly into watersports, he disappeared faster than you can say “pussy boy cunt hole jamboree”. It was sort of insulting, you know? He didn’t want me for me. He wanted me for my urine.

With that said, here’s a video clip of Kris Anderson devouring Alessio Romero‘s ass, pounding him senseless, jizzing on him and proceeding to piss all over his hairy torso. Maybe all you self-proclaimed “worthless piss sluts” can watch this while you’re not having great sex with me… And, gosh, it’s not like I said I wouldn’t TRY peeing on you. I just said it wasn’t my “thing”.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Titan Men

Click through to see Alessio Romero get fucked and pissed on:

Watch the full scene NOW at Titan Men.