Who Would You Rather?: Season 3 of Glee

Did anyone else think last night’s premiere of Glee ssuuccckkkeeed? With the exception of that new girl Sugar (she was a howl, although I might be a little irritated if I had Aspberger’s), and Sue’s right-hand Cheerio Becky (love her), it was BOOORRRIINNNGG. We’re missing something this year, and it’s not just Chord Overstreet’s DSLs (dick-sucking lips). Surely it will get better with age. The only reason to keep it on last night was Darren Criss in that ADORABLE polo shirt/bowtie combo. But then he started with the goofy faces and the “I’m a total bottom” dancing. Let’s all just hang in there and trust that they can recapture the sparkle of the first season.

One thing we can ALWAYS expect from Glee is cute men. In this season’s line-up, who would you rather? Seriously, if they keep putting Darren Criss in bowties, I’m not going to even NOTICE that there’s other dudes on the show.

– J. Harvey

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