Unlockables: The Scrotum Peek-A-Boo

This isn’t something you see every day on Manhunt! Picture a man who’s wearing a shirt but nothing below the waist. His cock is tucked in under the shirt, but his balls are hanging out from the bottom. Is this type of shot arousing? Or is it just plain weird?

We’ve called upon Jay of English Lads to demonstrate this rarely seen phenomenon, and it’s up to you to vote on the hotness of the pose. Remember, your opinion should not be based on your attraction (or lack thereof) to this model. He’s just here to provide an example!

For those of you wondering the results of last week‘s poll, nearly eighty percent of readers approve of the “shirt lift” profile picture. With that said, there were nearly two-hundred voters who wouldn’t hook up with someone who used that pose! Head over here for the full results.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: English Lads

To check out Jay demonstrating this pose, follow the JUMP:

Entirely unrelated bonus shot!: