Twitter Feed (Me): Retweet These!

I’d like to give a shout-out to professional dick Shawn Reeve. He’s been tweeting some NICE content lately. Like an impromptu buttplug review show!

Let’s catch up to what his peers are up to on Twitter!

Justin Owen hasn’t tweeted since last year but this butt selfie shouldn’t escape our notice.

Rico Marlon is pretty.

Hi, Bogdan Gromov!

Brandon Wilde is a fan of Fiji Water.

Rodney Steele and his huge cock have a friend at the gym.

Honestly, Colby Jansen could be withdrawing at the fucking ATM and I would still think it was sessy.


PORN FEUD! Austin Wolf and Sebastian Kross! They should make up by sitting on each other’s faces.

I don’t think Diego Sans could get any more handsome.