Toy With Me: Meet Veiny Victor. He’s Free!

Have you guys checked out the Manhunt Sex Shop? It’s your one-stop, online shop for your sexually-oriented needs!Right now, they’re having a special wherein, if you spend $25, you get the Veiny Victor Ultra-Realistic Suction-Cup Dildo for FREE (just use the code MHVEINY2017 when you checkout). Vic sells really well, and a co-worker of mine explained why to me. (I swear this is not me posing as someone else.)

Me: So, why should my readers get ahold of Veiny Victor?

Unnamed coworker: DO NOT USE MY NAME. It’s got a suction cup and I used it in the shower. So I stuck it to the wall, and aimed it so it would go right up…me? Anyway, it hit my spot just right. It’s got ridges and bumps on it like veins and they totally did the job. I got so into it that it was like I was getting fucked. I recommend it! (DON’T USE MY NAME.)

Me: I swear I won’t. Do you really think I want people to know that I work with a member of the Trump family?

So yeah, Veiny Victor is obviously a total get when it comes to gear for your rear. I’ve put a selection of the other dildos the Manhunt Sex Shop offers below. Keep in mind that fake dicks are just one of 1000s of sex toys that the shop sells. Click here and shop away!

p.s. While you’re there, click on the Deal Club. You join and you get 40% off coupons once a month!

Michael Xavier