Secret Sex: Daniel Radcliffe

It’s weird to have a crush on a tiny man who plays a teenage wizard, but I totally have the hots for Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. I’m willing to look past the fact that Equus viewers have stated he’s a little “tiny” or that “his penis must have had a case of stage fright”. The Boy Who Lived is bangable as all hell.
A while back, I remember the promotional photos for Equus coming out. The gay internet went crazy! Everyone was posting them on their profiles on social networking sites, and I kept getting mesmerized by Radcliffe’s hypnotic treasure trail. Too bad his Chamber of Secrets isn’t packed too heavily. Well, maybe his magic (uncut) wand is a grower not a shower? I sure hope so! But if not, would you really mind turning him into your very own Hairy Squatter?
UPDATE: What’s all this outrage about D-Rad liking “older women”. The way people are talking about it, they’re making it sound like we need to start a site for him called MILFHUNT. Honestly, what’s wrong with a 19 year-old going for girls in their 20s? And yes, sadly… Radcliffe is straight. At least we can find comfort in his “talent”.
– Dewitt
Photo credit: PARADE Magazine
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