Quickie: Quinn Christopher Jaxon

We haven’t been ignoring you, dear readers! After numerous demands to feature Quinn Christopher Jaxon on Manhunt Daily, we’re finally giving in and plastering his magnificent ass all over these pages. Frankly, it’s not quite clear why we ever resisted writing a post about him.

Part of it might be lingering resentment that you didn’t share our joy back when he did this shoot. Part of it might be that we met him, and no picture can ever capture his true beauty (and booty-shaking skills). Part of it might be…

Oh, fuck it! There aren’t any good excuses. We apologize from the bottom of our taints that it’s taken so long to write this entry… So, uh, without further ado, let’s masturbate to some pictures of Quinn/Kurt/that guy who gave you an immense boner in the Andrew Christian Car Wash video.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Vince Trupsin

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