No One Likes A Bossy Otter! (Bromo Is 20% Off For Life!)

There’s a moment in this scene where Brendan Patrick is deep-throating Jeff Powers’ thick flesh cylinder, and he begins to gag and it brought me back! It brought me back to one of my most embarrassing moments. It was a handjob to blowjob to swallow the evidence situation. I offered to get him to shoot first. Long story short, my gag reflex wasn’t ready for his length and girth. But I was DETERMINED to guzzle some jizz. Well, he jizzed alright. But at the very moment he jizzed, that was when my gag reflext kicked in. Suffice to say, I ended up sort of spitting/vomiting the dude’s jizz on him. It was kind of like snowballing but it ended with failure and his belly button full of batter.

You love my stories. I want to hear yours. Ever have the beej go wrong cuz’ of the dick size?

Oh, here’s Brendan Patrick and Jeff Powers in Breeding My Bossy Otter from Bromo! If you like hairy dudes, get into this. Click here to get Bromo for 20% off for life!

Michael Xavier

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