Naughty Christmas: Which Sex Act Do You Want For The Holidays?

Tis’ the season! It’s that time of the year when we’re supposed to wish goodwill towards all men. Here at Manhunt Daily our idea of goodwill towards men is having SEX with them. It’s cold out, let’s stay inside and have TONS of sex with your significant other, your husband, some trick you snatched in a bar, a guy you met on Manhunt, a co-worker, just whomever. Celebrate the holidays by getting LAID. We thought we’d survey our readers by asking them. If you could have ANY sex act as a gift for the holidays, which would it be. VOTE BELOW!

1. Giving a handjob

2. Getting a handjob

3. Giving a blowjob

4. Getting a blowjob

5. Getting fucked as a bottom

6. Fucking as a top

7. Getting your ass eaten

8. Eating ass

9. All of the above

10. All of the above with more than one partner

And, yeah, if you’re looking for someone to get nasty with and do ALL of these things this holidays season, there’s Manhunt!