Must Watch: Randy Rainbow Gets A Call From Drunk-Ass Diane Sawyer


Randy Rainbow is rad. Ever since his video where he took the job at Chick-fil-A, he’s been one of our favorite Internet celebrity sluts.

Some of you may have watched the coverage of our 44th presidential election? Perhaps you tuned into ABC? Like me, you probably turned to your partner/cat/decorative couch cushion and asked “is Diane Sawyer shit-faced?” All signs point to yes. She likes to relax when she’s dropping knowledge on you. No judgement from me. I post on this blog half out of my mind on pills and booze on a daily basis. [Note to my bosses: That was a joke. Hee hee. Tee hee. Right? Um…] . Anyway, Randy Rainbow was gifted with a drunk dial from Ms. Sawyer. Watch after the break.

p.s. Seriously, if you doubted lady was tramped – listen to the soundbytes he used.

– J. Harvey