Must Watch: Cute Straight Celebs Telling Straights Gays Are Ok

Thanks? These videos are kind of distracting me from the message because they’re using hot people to spread the word. Thankfully, it’s for heterosexuals who probably won’t notice that Finn from Glee is smokin’. Here’s Cory Monteith in a video for Straight But Not Narrow. Het guys sticking up for gays makes me want to embody that unfortunate stereotype that we’re predatory and will totally go after straight guy ass. Well, some of em’ give in!

It’s unfortunate that we need campaigns like this, but as Nan Flanagan said in the True Blood premiere, there’s “scientific evidence that people are a lot dumber than they realize.”

– J. Harvey

For Cory’s PSA (and another from the equally adorable Josh Hutcherson), Follow the JUMP: