An Interview With Max Sargent: Embracing His Daddy Side (And TSA Pat Downs)

­­­­Max Sargent started doing porn at the age of 49. He’s got a charming smile and a phenomenally girthy cock, which you can see stuffing the holes of Mike Tanner and Eli Hunter in MEN.COM’s “The Straight Man”. He also has a part in Joe Gage’s highly anticipated Dad Out West, which comes out this summer.

He’s something of a charmer—he told me he wanted to fuck me on the basis of my Gmail avatar—and happily answered some questions for me in-between bouts of flirting on Twitter.


Read our full interview and see more pics of Max below:

Max Sargent

You describe yourself as disarming, and the first time we talked, you asked me at least as many questions as I asked you. Are you naturally very inquisitive? Or do you just like getting to know people?

Asking you all those questions is a character defect of mine. I was actually trying to get you to drop your guard and your pants in the process.

Consider them dropped.

My modus operandi is to either distract a person, or seduce them (if there is an attraction) before they realize what’s happening, and especially before they really get to know me. In porn, I don’t get to do this. I’m naked with nothing to hide. I am naturally inquisitive, perhaps even obsessively so. I enjoy intuiting nuances in personalities.

One of my best friends lived to be 102 years-old… At 101, she told me that I was the best friend she ever had, even though we didn’t meet until she was 92. It’s one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received.

Max SargentMax Sargent

I think everybody should have an older friend; they know what matters most in life and tend to not sweat the bullshit.

But having vibrant and diverse friends is very important. In terms of men, my taste is equally manifold. Go into Chi-Chi LaRue’s store and look at the dildo wall; I’ve had every color you’d see.

You also said you tend to say too much. Tell me a story about something sexy that you’ve done lately that wasn’t work-related.

I was in a thrift store in a conservative part of town when I noticed a leather cock ring in the jewelry case with a bunch of bracelets. Apparently, the store didn’t realize it wasn’t the kind of accessory one wears to a church picnic.

I asked politely, “May I see that bracelet? I know it is with other bracelets that one might expect to see on a woman, but it looks masculine enough that I think I might be able to wear it.” She seemed a little surprised, but obliged. I held it up, wrapped it around my fingers in an exaggerated gesture, and then said, “I think you need to put this in another part of the store, it’s a cock ring.”

“Huh” she said, but she said it in that way we say ‘huh’ to bide time to pass an awkward moment.

I said, “You know, an accessory generally used by a man to prolong his state of arousal.” I guess I had given her more information than she volunteered for, but not wanting her chagrin to go to for naught, I bought it.

As I left the store, I imagined her wondering why I kept sniffing it and why I never put it on my wrist and wrapped it while sizing it up to buy using all five fingers.

Max Sargent

You were forty-nine years old when you started doing porn. What made you decide to go for it at this particular stage?

Because my ex Mike Gaite started doing it. And porn has proven a legitimate way to have sex with him again. I wouldn’t say there’s a zero chance of Mike and I getting back together, but I would assert that it’s more probable Francois Sagat will come out of retirement to double penetrate Rocco Steele with me. We can all hope. Place your bets, guys.

(Sorry, Mike, pornogamy has its limits.)

Also, I studied film acting for several years and enjoy the perversity of calling him my soul mate on camera. Our professional rapport is awesome, the sexual energy between us is atomic, and I’m getting paid to have some of the hottest sex of my life. Our scenes together, plural, will be released in the upcoming months.

Anyways, when I found out Mike had already done nine scenes without telling me, I felt extremely jealous but also extremely relieved: a seemingly impenetrable door had been opened – sexual pun intended. Someone I knew well had become a porn star, and the world of porn didn’t seem so far removed from my life after all. If he was willing to put himself out there and do porn, so was I. Furthermore, Rocco Steele was just breaking into porn in his forties, so I knew it was never too late to start.

Max Sargent and Mike Gaite pose together on the set of Dad Out West.

I was given my first opportunity to do porn in 1984 but declined because I had a shit-ton of fear. I was apprehensive that porn might curtail or restrict certain job opportunities, and I dreaded the social stigma. In addition, the apocalyptically oppressive cloud of HIV/AIDS saturated my understanding of everything it meant to be gay. That fear spurred me into a heterosexual marriage as a way of ameliorating the normative expectations of my social circles, and gave me every excuse imaginable to sink into substance abuse, as well as engaging in emotionally and physically unhealthy sex practices.

But I felt repressed; below the surface, I always knew that I was hypersexual, and that I wanted to explore that with others. Compartmentalizing the two sides of my life was easy for a long time, but eventually I no longer felt the compunction that drove me into hiding. I felt the need to express it, and porn is the perfect arena for that torrent of sexual energy.

Thanks to advances in science, the titanic shift in equality for the LGBTQ community, and acceptance of a model for clean living, I’ve basically invalidated the fears I used to have about doing porn.

I enjoy sex, I’m not afraid of showing my body off, I like that validation I feel while having sex, I enjoy film and video production, I have strong interpersonal skills, and I’m constantly trying to express myself in creative ways. I also love the idea of bringing joy to others. I get off knowing that others enjoy my work.

Max Sargent and Toby Springs for gay porn site Cock Virgins.

At your age you’re bound to be cast as the dad in intergenerational scenes. Do you naturally prefer younger men?

I don’t naturally prefer any type per se. As a child, I had crushes on dark-haired guys with furry chests. My ex-wife was a Norwegian with blonde hair and blue eyes. I was in an 8-year-relationship with a Japanese man, and last year, I fell in love with a Black/Latin mixed heavily tattooed man who was 6’4” and 240 pounds.

It was an odd thing in my mid-forties to be called ‘daddy’ and ‘papi’. The first time it happened, I turned around to see if the person saying it was talking to someone behind me. It’s a term that I’m happy to embrace. I’m grateful that the daddy market is booming.

You’ve worked with Joe Gage, who’s been making porn since probably before you were old enough to watch it. What’s he like in person?

Joe is super nice! He was willing to engage with every subject I asked him about. The dialogue he writes is extremely important to him; he was diligent about making sure we knew the script before the cameras rolled. Beyond that, he really allowed the actors go with the energy and camaraderie that developed. Working with him was a creamy dream come true.

Max Sargent and Billy Warren

How do you keep your body in such phenomenal shape?

I’m gym rat. I go there every day at least once and work my ass off. I really cannot get enough of the gym. It is my replacement for bar hopping and clubbing. In a perfect world, I’d swim and run on alternating days, lift every day with a workout partner, and do yoga three times a week.

I actually try to burn my lifting partners out. If they last longer than six months, I figure I’m not working hard enough. I have not had anyone last longer than a year before they quit lifting with me. There is also an off chance that might be because I don’t wear deodorant.

I’m also a wrestler. I went from learning how to crawl, to learning how to wrestle before I could even walk, and continued until I graduated from college. I’m acutely aware of my weight and step on a scale at least twice a day, just as I had to do when wrestling competitively.

I bet you’ve watched your share of porn over the years. What’s your favorite kind of porn as a consumer?

I really like Naked Kombat – which I’m glad is back in production – Hot House, Titan Men, Men Over 30, and all of Joe Gage’s films. I like Chi Chi’s films too, especially The Boy Who Cried DILF. Jake Jaxson’s Cocky Boys work is ahead of it’s time, especially the Answered Prayers miniseries. Howard at Fabscout has been very supportive in getting me cast with different studios.

Max Sargent and Eli Hunter

Since you’re still pretty new to the industry, who haven’t you worked with yet that you’d like to?

I would love to reenact a scene from Vincent Van Gogh’s alleged affair with Paul Gauguin, where Colby Keller would play Vincent and I’d play Paul. I’d also like to do a scene with a Person with Disabilities (PwD), one which didn’t exploit his disability. I’m specifically thinking about my new #DeliciouslyDisabled friend in Canada. At the moment, he’s stage nameless.

I have a feeling I know the guy you mean…

And definitely Sebastian Keys. Gio Caruso introduced us, and then told Sebastian to let me smell his armpit. I took a deep whiff and requested seconds. He smelled so good. I’d like to do a scene with him that explored the pathology of repressed urges.

Max Sargent and Marxel Rios

Okay, last thing: tell me something about yourself that I wouldn’t know to ask you.

About how I don’t have ten toes or my fondness of TSA pat downs?

Pat downs, please.

Okay. I hate going through X-ray machines or body scanners at the airport, especially when I can avoid it and get a pat down in public by a male TSA in uniform. I’ve already had more X-rays than I care to count. Why not skip it and get felt up? It’s publically subsidized groping.

I look for the hottest TSA agent, and then get in that line. A few months ago, the agent was this sexy Latino. Keep in mind that less than two hours earlier I was shooting a scene (fucking Marxel Rios in the back of a van) and was still horned up from it, so I naturally got hard when the agent said, “Sir, I’m going to use the back of my hand on the back of your legs and buttocks.”

It was obvious, too. I cursed myself for not saying “yes” when he had asked me if I would prefer a private screening room.