“Moderation Is For Monks.”

Remember yesterday when I talked about usernames? HottestOnHere is certainly not modest with his handle or his intentions. Or his pictures! I mean, I’m always a sucker for a hairy torso and a big dick. He also mentions that he’s not so much “looking”—RIP Looking—as he is “available”, which means… He’s always down to fuck? Yeah, let’s just go with that.

Anyway, if you’re blowing through the Windy City, drop him a message! Like he says, “to enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites.” Eat up!


Check out additional pictures of Manhunt member HottestOnHere below:






Head over here to view his full profile, see more pics or send a message.



9 thoughts on ““Moderation Is For Monks.”

  1. How do guys like this exist? Where are they in MY city and why don’t any of them go out looking for me?! 😉

  2. He should probably be a bit more modest with his screen name. Attractive? Yeah, I can see it. But HottestOnHere? Let’s not go that far.

  3. I disagree. Sure there are far hotter guys than him on hookup apps, but those are either extremely rare or they’re fake profiles. He is definitely way above average of the norm.

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