Manhunt Man Of The Week: art819

Each week we crown a Manhunt member as our “Manhunt Man of the Week!” We like to highlight guys with an interesting, fun or sexy profile and hot pics. This edition of “Manhunt Man of the Week” is entirely selfish on my part. I’ve got such a boner for cubs. Give me a short, beefy body…a furry chest…a guy who looks like he could squeeze into a wrestling singlet and lick kick your ass, and I’m yours. While perusing the millions (literally) of men on Manhunt, this strawberry blonde (can guys be that?) goodness grabbed me. He should grab me and use me like Kleenex. For reals.

Our MOTW might not have that much to say, but it’s ok. Succinct is good. Especially when it might be because we’re too busy fucking and sucking to have a meaningful conversation.

Plus, he’s a Colby Keller fan. Hot AND good taste.

How does the Manhunt MOTW benefit from being featured on the Daily? His time in the spotlight will surely garner him international acclaim! As well as 30 days of Unlimited Membership for free!

– J. Harvey

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Manhunt Man of the Week: art819
Age: 27
Location: West Virginia

The hottest Manhunt hookup you ever had?

I don’t know that I’ve ever actually hooked up with anyone from Manhunt, not with the intent to actually hook up. I mostly just use the site to make friends, and from those friendships I have had some encounters after I’ve really gotten to know them.

What’s your favorite body part on a guy?

My favorite part on a guy would have to be the butt. I like other parts as well, but a nice butt is irreplaceable. Nice teeth are a close second.

Who do you think is the sexiest man in the world?

My first porn crush, Colby Keller.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

Most of my sexual encounters have been pretty ordinary. The most unusual place would have to be in a car, but that is pretty tame by most people’s standards. [Editor’s note – Nonsense, it’s almost wholesome!]

And finally, does size matter?

I personally don’t think size matters.

Thanks, cub! If you would like to submit yourself as a “Manhunt Man of the Week” (meaning – you have hot pictures, and more than three words in your profile), e-mail us at!