Kurt And Blaine Fuck This Week On “Glee”

Why mince words? Tomorrow night’s episode of Glee, “The First Time”, reportedly features either Blaine or Kurt throwing their heels in the air for the other. Sure, most of you are all “uh, Kurt’s a TOTAL bottom”! But – who knows? Blaine could be a bottom. A power bottom! Oh, and uh, spoiler alert.

According to reports, Kurt and Blaine find their relationship threatened by new evil gay Sebastian. Sebastian takes them to Lima’s gay bar, Scandals, which somehow spurs their consummating the love. I vote for a new name for Lima’s gay bar. Was Manhole already taken? The only redeeming part about this episode (Kurt doesn’t do it for me, Blaine ruined my life when he danced like that to “It’s Not Unusual”) is that Karofsky pops up at the bar! Did you know they had his character transfer schools? Fuck you, Ryan Murphy!

For those of you who care about the other characters, Finn and Rachel bang as well. Glee is getting dirty this season.

*tired sigh* Truthfully, the only thing that could revive my interest in the show is if Sue gets it on with the mannish football coach lady. That’s a hot pairing.

– J. Harvey

To watch a teaser for the episode, Follow the JUMP: