Jumpsuits, Cigars, And Jordan Levine Brutalizing Lucky Daniels

This post probably qualifies as a “Let’s Get Kinky” post for three reasons.

1) Slab o’ man Jordan Levine (I missed him!) is in one of those mechanics’ jumpsuits, and it’s very fetishy when he withdraws his burrito dick from it.

2) Jordan smokes a big, incredibly phallic cigar. A lot. We do not require the services of Freud here.

3) Jordan makes submissive Lucky Daniels get on all fours and uses him as a human footstool.

Yeah, it’s totally kinky. After all of that fetishy foreplay, the real action begins. Jordan bares Lucky’s supple, jockstrapped ass, smacks it, and goes to TOWN. Click here for more.

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