“Is Average The New HOT???”


Back in May, the winner of 2011’s “Get Inside Me Now” award, Spencer Reed, tweeted some dumb shit that infuriated me and tarnished my opinion of him forever. He wrote: “what is with all these random ass furry twink porn newbies… none of them are remotely hot and everyone seems to be crazy for them… Is average the new HOT??? or is everyone just going insane… Pornstars should not look real or average they should look like a fantasy”

I had tried to ignore this statement, because there are greater evils in the gay porn world. Just because Spencer’s an arrogant shithead, that shouldn’t prevent me from masturbating to his much hotter scene partners like Heath Jordan, Kyle King and Scott Hunter!

On top of that, this was around a time when even people I adore tweeted things that made me feel personally uncomfortable. I was convinced for a moment that all gay porn stars were opinionated twat waffles, and Jed Athens‘ contribution to The “Real Man” Project didn’t really help with that sentiment…

But in the end? I’ve realized that only some gay porn stars are opinionated twat waffles.

Maybe, just maybe, Spencer had a good point about these “random ass furry twink porn newbies”. Maybe he’s right that porn stars (two words, by the way) should not look real or average. What do you think??? Is average the new HOT??? Or do you prefer “fantasy” men like Spencer Reed???

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Alpha Males

Click through to explore the answer to Spencer’s question:







And now, here’s a clip from Spencer’s new scene with JP Dubois:

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