Hot or Not: Curious Straight Guys

You receive an IM on Manhunt from someone with an alias like “newtothis” or “curiousjock”. He’s never been with a guy before, with the exception of one drunken night at his college frat-house. His buddy gave him the best head of his life, and it’s been the subject of many masturbation fantasies to this day.

He’s really eager to meet up with you. There’s a laundry list of things he won’t do—kissing, reciprocating blowjobs or any activity involving his ass. He mostly wants to get blown while watching some porn. Maybe, if you’re up for it, he’ll try playing with your hole or fucking you.

Are you intrigued by his proposal? Or would you rather not be the guinea pig for his sexual experimentation? Overall, how do you feel about curious straight guys? Is it a turn on to, as fellow blogger Jasun Mark puts it, be “Captain Kirking It” with them?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Island Studs

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