Quickie: Forrest

Fratmen‘s Forrest is a baby-faced muscle boy. He’s one of the newer pledges in their online fraternity full of tight asses and big cocks. He’s a bodybuilder who stands out because he’s got a toddler face with the guns to rip apart phonebooks. Seriously, the Yellow Pages don’t deliver to Fratmen – it’s that serious.

The owners of Fratmen must be thanking the porno gods for that Real World dude “Spencer” going “legit.” Even though he denounces the site, and says he made a mistake – the promotional value is incalculable. They must greet these boys by urging them to eventually hate the place and leave for a reality show.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Fratmen

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41 thoughts on “Quickie: Forrest

  1. Forrest is the total hot package. Smile, chest, abs, cock, ass. I got hard looking at his photos.  I would love to workout with him.

  2. Razor?  What for?  That’s a hot body just like it is.  Some guys like their men natural.  If that’s not your preference, there’s plenty of other guys out there, so keep moving.  But Forrest should be able to decide for himself how he wants to groom.  Totally hot guy.

  3. I for one love his furry ass. You’d be hard pressed to get me to come up for air if I could get a peice of it. WOOF!! more please!!

  4. Not all gay men want to effeminize themselves.  They prefer remaining men.  “Groomers” and “manscapers” are virtually all closeted or in-denial transsexuals.

  5. “‘Groomers’ and ‘manscapers’ are virtually all closeted or in-denial transsexuals.”

    Really?  So we should all just stop shaving everything.  Even cutting hair.  The more hair you have, the more of a man you are.  The ideal would be for everyone to look just like Cousin It.

    Every time you shave your face, trim your beard, or cut your hair… you’re grooming.  Not everyone is attracted to body hair, not everyone likes the amount of body hair he has, and some people actually have body hair that’s irritating to their skin.  Just because some guy has less hair than you doesn’t make him any less manly, just like any guy that has a bigger dick than you doesn’t make him any more manly.  And it sure as hell doesn’t make him a closeted or in-denial transsexual.

  6. I should’ve been more clear on my sarcasm.  I’ll start by saying, no, I don’t like “manscaping.”  I think its effeminizing.  Body hair is erotic.  I’ll continue by saying that, while being a natural hirsuite admirer, I’m also a contrarian.  The latest “rage” now is manscaping, as if there’s something wrong or “un-sexy” about the natural masculinity of a man.  And that rage is evident by posts on this site:  “yech, he’s so hairy!”  Pro-manscapers, because they’re part of the current “in-thing,” never miss an opportunity to knock some hot guy who refuses to turn himself into a plasticized mannequin.  As a contrarian, I like to dish back to anyone who spouts off against those who go after anyone who won’t go-with-the-flow of the latest rage or trend.  Back in the ’70’s throughout most of the ’80’s, natural men were considered the hight of sexuality.  Hairless men were jealous of them (and some even tired to “install” fake body hair on themselves – yes, that happened, just as natural men today primp, snip and shave).  Then the pendulum swung the other way.  Why?  That would be a great doctoral dissertation.  I think the great hairless fad of today is starting its decline and naturalism is making its return.  The pro-manscapers are still vocal and forceful, even more-so, a clear sign that their reign is coming to an end as with any other fad.  But more and more guys (and gals) are beginning to speak up, often in hushed tones so as not to appear going against the grain, that natural guys are hot.  And don’t forget, as I said elsewhere, that naturally hairless guys are hot, too, because they’re natural.  Masculinity comes in all shapes, flavors, styles, ages, sizes and looks.  There isn’t one defining evaluation of it.  (Unfortunately, and here’s a dig at manhuntdaily [and Dewitt], when was the last time that a guy in his sixties, who isn’t sculpted, doesn’t have the looks of one of those pasticized A&F mannequins, a huge cock and concrete ass, been given any exposure here?  They constitute tens-of-thousands of Manhunt members but are ignored.  Yes, this blog, and its poster [meaning you, Dewitt], won’t do that because of the ick-factor.  But not everyone on Manhunt finds them icky.  They have lots to offer for countless numbers of members but are kept invisible.  I find the “twinks” so prominently displayed here to be icky [and bordering on ephebophilia].  But if that’s what some guys are into, let them go rock their boat.  All men, like I said, having something to offer for everyone, regardless of looks, size, age and – oh, the heresy! – cock size and ass contour.  It’s time to include all men.  Manhuntdaily has yet to do that.  And gays cry copious tears over how they’re “victims of prejudice, discrimination and judgementalism.”  Gays don’t have to go very far to find that.  They can find plenty of it here.)

  7. While I prefer hairy men, I think you have done lost all your marbles. You contradict yourself countless times in your rant. If you hate it when others make horrible remarks about hairy men, then you show yourself to be a hypocrite by posting even more horrible remarks about shaved men.

  8. You obviously missed it.  If men want to shave, let them.  I don’t understand why they want to emasculate themselves, but if they do, then I’ll support them 100% and will even provide them with the razor.  To each their own.  What I was talking about is how they are held up as the epitome of attractiveness, and those who prefer to remain natural are considered to be the last ones to be picked up at a bar.  Look at the comments here about men who are natural that reflect an abhorence of nature.  Whenever there are pics of guys displaying proudly the hair they were born with, the negatives come flying out.  Rarely is it seen the same for men who flick their shcick.  I was, sarcastically, trying to level the playing field.

  9. Oh I didn’t miss it. I know what you were TRYING to do. But my point is that you totally destroyed any chance of getting guys to see your side by being rude. And, yes, you were rude.

  10. Jerry it would be just as RIDICULIOUS 4 me as a naturally smooth man to say that all hairy guys are SMELLY & NASTY  !!!  The SMELLY & NASTY  remark is as STUPID as your comment that hairiness is a sign of masculinity  !!!

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