Hey, Whatever Happened With All Those Surveys You Made Us Take?

I’m sorry but I couldn’t find a dick-related survey pic! Remember when I had you guys take all those surveys cuz’ I have a weird fetish for surveys? Yeah, those. Well, one of my bosses (I know, you thought I just ran this blog all willy-nilly) was all “did you ever give the readers the results?” And I was like “er, no, I was too busy blogging about porn.” And he was like “well, shouldn’t you?” And yeah, he’s right. Here’s the results to all those surveys I made you sluts take! And, because I feel bad for forgetting about these and just sending surveys off into the void, I have a gift for you. If you put your profile name in the comments, I’ll give you a free week of VIP membership on Manhunt! What do you mean you don’t have a Manhunt profile? Get one! It’s how you find the dudes nearest you to er, date. Ok, to fuck. But first – here’s how you answered the ridiculous questions I asked you! (Well, ridiculous except for that size one. That one’s always important. And I already gave you the results!)

Hot Or Not: Liam Knox?

Remember when Liam Knox became an exclusive for TitanMen? I asked you if you thought he was hot or not! Turns out most of you did!

Are You A Gold-Star Gay?

(Fuck, I love that dude and he came up when I was looking for a gold-star gay GIF!)

A “gold-star gay” is a gay who has not touched where all life begins! In other words, it’s a gay or bi guy who’s never been near a vagina! It turns out that there’s a lot of dudes who said “fuck questioning my sexuality, I’m headed straight for the dick!”

The Spanking Survey!

I asked you if you were into ass smacking, and it was all over the place. It does, however, look like many of you like some sort of light butt slapping when you’re with your dude. Or dudes. Or yourself (whatever you’re into)…

Hot Or Not: Piss!

I asked you kinky bastards if you liked piss play! You know, golden showers. Like our president is (allegedly) into! And you are! Just don’t eat asparagus beforehand.

Getting Off To Art!

Just the other day, I asked you guys if you had ever beat off to art! Whether it be drawings, animation, sketches, cartoons, what have you – was it enough to blow a load to? And, surprisingly (to me at least), a lot of you guys have! Again – kinky fuckers (btw, I totally have)!

Did any of these results surprise you? I’ll be honest – the piss one surprised me. I had no idea so many dudes were into the mellow yellow. Thanks for taking these surveys and, as always, for reading Manhunt Daily. Leave your Manhunt profile name in the comments below and I’ll comp you a week of VIP membership!