Hot Or Not: TitanMen’s Newest Exclusive Liam Knox

Manhunt Daily has the survey function back, and I am boned over it! Surveys are the balls! People LOVE having their opinion asked! Our penis size survey was a big hit! Let’s do it again!

Meet TitanMen’s newest exclusive – Liam Knox! (You can find more of Liam at TitanMen.)

Michael Xavier

“The moment Liam walked onto the set of his first movie, we knew we had something magic,” says Jasun Mark, Director of Production. “Yes, he’s stunningly handsome with a great body, but his charming southern gentleman style won over the cast and crew instantly. That smile and accent is the finishing touch. Can’t wait for fans to meet him in his debut scene with Dallas Steele, but after that he’ll play the lead in a movie that will answer the question we get all the time… “how does one become a Titan Man.””

“Liam is the epitome of a TitanMan,” says Keith Webb, VP and managing partner at TitanMen. “He’s smart, sexy, built like a superhero with a humble and thoughtful personality. It takes more than just good looks to be a TitanMan, it takes an extra level of intelligence and masculinity that Liam has in droves!”

Sure, HE thinks he looks like a superhero. But do you (I do.)? Check out the pics below and then vote HOT or NOT in the survey!