Take Our Spanking Survey (And Watch Michael Roman Spank Brendan Patrick)!

Do you like getting your ass spanked during sex (or even without the sex)? Do you like making a guy squirm as you smack his ass? Lots of guy like having a little pain, a little sting with their fucking. Warming the ass up, so to speak. True story – I dated this guy who was a little kinky. One night, we were having beers and playing Playstation when he proposed a bet. Loser of the game had to take an old-fashioned, over-the-lap spanking before getting buttfucked. Guess who lost? And the dude had a hand like a frickin’ boat paddle! I was squirming and yelping and my ass was ON FIRE. And he fucked me HARD after that. And his hips were slapping my sore ass and it ended up being HOT. So I guess I like getting spanked? Within reason. I mean, I need to sit down at my desk at Manhunt Daily the next day.

To illustrate this post, check out Michael Roman slapping the hell out of Brendan Patrick‘s hairy ass for Bromo below. (You can watch the whole scene here.)

Take our survey on spanking below! And let’s do this – every guy who reads this post, takes the survey, and admits that they like to get spanked in the comments section below will get a week of VIP Membership on Manhunt for free!

Michael Xavier