Gwist: Bringing Most Of The Gays We Like On YouTube Together…On YouTube


That blank square is waiting for you to create something for Gwist! I’m thinking about submitting videos showing off the fashions I’ve sewn for my dog. He loves his sweatercape that I made him. The guys behind Logo (the cable network you only watch when Drag Race is on) have launched a new YouTube channel called Gwist. That stands for “gay with a twist.” *blank stare* Let’s keep going, shall we? They’ve enlisted the likes of Louis Virtel (of “Verbal Vogueing” fame), the Steam Room Stories people (of the vids where guys in towels discuss sexy topics fame), and Randy Rainbow (of “Randy Rainbow” fame) to create new content for their channel. The pro here is that you can find it all in one place, and it’s new content! The con is that name. Wow.

Check out some of our favorite Louis Virtel and Randy Rainbow vids after the jump and read more about Gwist here.

– J. Harvey