Gay Ass Gossip: Rob Kardashian And His Bubble Ass Are Sick Of The Family Business

ITEM – The boy is PACKING. I’ve made no secret of my disdain for anything Kardashian, but it looks like I’ve found the one member of their vapid clan to appreciate. No, it’s not Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgeon. That guy should be brought up on charges. It’s Dancing With The Stars’ contestant Rob Kardashian’s giant bubble ass. I would take a facefirst dive into that rump. Those pants are about to blow!

Oh, and as for the gossip portion of this item, it turns out Rob is over his family just like the rest of us.

“I’m sick of all that and I’m trying to branch away from all that,” he told People. Someone hold back my hair, I may vomit from actually admiring a Kardashian.

– J. Harvey

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I don’t watch House, so I have next to no info on this dude. But he wore a wetsuit to a charity surfing event and then took part of it off and looked totally spankable. His name is Jesse Spencer. That’s all you need, right?


ITEM – The trailer for The Avengers flick came out this week! SQUEE (sorry, comic book geek here)! It speaks for itself, but the only thing missing is a lockerroom scene in which the superguys are putting on or taking off their spandex.