Hot or Not: Anal Beads

Kyle Butler is my new gay porn obsession because—a) He looks like every other bearded Brooklyn hipsterfuck I’ve ever wanted to bang, b) He is a total bottom whore, and c) There really don’t need to be any other reasons.

After kicking off his career with Drake Rock, this fuzzy cum-guzzling wonder has recently been making appearances on other sites like Bait Buddies and Men Over 30. The latter scene shows him getting into all sorts of sweaty action with modern dick-flick legend Matthew Rush. There’s mutual oral, swapping rimjobs, pounding ass… And anal beads.

The last part of that sentence was italicized because—a) I’m horrible about overusing italics, b) It gave me a good lead-in to this paragraph, and c) Anal beads make me uncomfortable. I can’t really explain why, but they do! They remind me of aliens or crazy ladies who do beading projects. Perhaps I’m close-minded, but objects inserted into your butt should appear somewhat phallic. Last time I checked, dicks don’t look like this.

Alas, my opinion isn’t the only opinion in the world, and I fully understand that anal beads serve the purpose of loosening up a bottom’s hole. That said, is anyone particularly turned on by them? Tops, do you like sticking them in a guy? Bottoms, do you like the sensation of having them slide in (or out)? Let me know.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Men Over 30

To check out Kyle Butler and Matthew Rush in action, follow the JUMP:

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Or watch the full scene NOW at Men Over 30!

247 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Anal Beads

  1. sorry   but shoving beads  up  my ass  gives me the weebie jeebies.  i  can  just imagine  the string pops and i  have 2 or 3  beads left  in my ass.    no way  do i want to go to the emergency room and announce i  have some beads  up  my  ass!!!!   and i  sure as  hell wouldn’t even think of  going to my doctor if it happened!!!

  2. I think it depends on the type of beads.  If it’s the type of beads that are connected by a string of some sort, I would say no.  I would be worried about them getting disconnected and stuck in my ass, as Runnah69 stated.  However, if they are the type shown in the photos above (it looks like one continuous item), that could be hot.  It just looks like a really weirdly shaped dildo.

  3. Love anal beads.  But they do have to be large enough to be somewhat of an effort going in and coming out or there is no thrill.  I have a toy like the one they use and its ok but not very big on the “oh yea” factor.  The pop-pop-pop feeling as large enough anal beads coming out is amazing!

  4. uh well how about just “passing” them?  Pretty sure those little beads would go with the flow…so to speak,and be selective with the quality of your toys. Nothing beats the real thing but a few good toys can be alot of fun too.  😉

  5. If the bottom that I am with like them –  than I am all for it …………………  Although I think Mathew was much HOTTER without all the muscle I would still FUCK the CUM  out of him !!!

  6. Back when I was bout 20-21, I met an Indian (Native American to  you, Indian to me) girl who was a camp counselor in upstate NY. She inserted the beads in me over my very vocal objections and at her insistence that I would like it. Larger than the ones in the picture, metal,  and all the same size. It was quite interesting having her put those things in, and I started enjoying it. When we were really into the fucking and I was just starting to nutt, she yanked the beads out. Good Lord Almighty! Every time one of those beads hit the prostate, I got a thrill like you would not believe and I couldn’t stop cumming. we did the same thing once more with the same results. She left shortly after and went back to the St. Lawrence region. Only times it ever happened to me; would I do it again?? Better believe it! Don’t knock it ’till you’re tried it!

  7. Well if you think of them as something akin to a dildo, they’re not very useful that way or functional really. The main purpose for them is to pull them out DURING an orgasm. Having your hole open and close and open and close as they come out during your orgasm can really send you over the top.

  8. Anal beads, hot. Matthew Rush, not hot…. seriously, what do y’all see in him? He’s a boner killer for me.

  9. Anal beads not such turnon, other toys maybe. But with Matthew, why go toys, he can spend all day inside me!

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