Gay Ass Gossip: Jamie Bell Doesn’t Do Ballet Anymore, OK Brah?

ITEM – Jamie Bell was Billy Elliot. Billy Elliot wanted to be a dancer. Jamie Bell wants to make sure you don’t think he’s a “dancer”. And by “dancer” I mean “poofter”. That’s British slang for gay. I’m not being a bitch. Read part of his recent British GQ interview. He REALLY wants you to know he likes pussy.

What’s the best way to impress a woman?

Buy her flowers? Take her home on the weekend to meet your mother? No. Let’s cut to the primal – be good in the sack. [Slaps thighs] Have an understanding of what’s going on down there and have fun, awesome sex.

What skill should every man have?

Skill? You know what I’m going to say. A man should have a good understanding of a vagina. He should be good at oral sex. On a woman.

You do realise you’ve got another publicist standing right behind you?

I don’t care. A skill a man should have? Making fires and pleasing a woman. In the vaginal area.

Ok, we get it. Ya can’t get enough of the vagine. Get a bumper sticker. Oh, and yeah – still hot.

– J. Harvey

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ITEM – Shia LaBeouf oozes charisma on the big screen. It’s why every name director has worked with him. Off screen? He’s kind of a big douche. This past weekend in Vancouver, the actor got in his umpteenth drunken brawl. Witnesses say it all started when he got so shit-faced that he was piling into people so they’d object and he could fight them. Yeah, THAT guy. Psycho drunk with little boy rage issues. Anyway, a guy who broke up the latest fight says Shia threatened to cut a bitch.

From The Daily Mail:

Carter then tried to help LaBeouf and stopped him from going back inside the establishment but the hot-tempered star then got more fired up.

‘Well what if I grabbed my knife on you? Carter alleges LaBeouf said.

Carter said that he quickly held on to LaBeouf in case he was serious about the knife threat and tried to restrain him.

The actor finally decided to walk away but Carter said when he went back into the bar a few moments later, he looked out of the window to see LaBeouf making a throat-slashing gesture at him from outside.

Helter Skelter! Isn’t he fairly diminutive? Good lord. It’s like my parole officer says – some people shouldn’t drink.

You know I included that second pic of him because that’s what he would look like sucking dick, right? Cool, huh?


ITEM – This is the spot where I include a new movie trailer that just came out. I was totally going to post the one for This Means War. Tom Hardy vs. Chris Pine. Hot, right? Until the joylessness of Reese Witherspoon spoiled what could have been an awesome gay love story. Instead, here’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows. Jude Law’s always cute and also – ‘SPLOSIONS!