FF to :31 for the ‘Euphoria’

Even the trailer for this one is a slow burn.


Full disclosure: I woke up really early today, watched this Gods of Men scene, and then fell back asleep a few times before I wrote stuff about it. And I was kinda foggy when I watched it the first time. Let’s see if the scene description has anything to offer to clear things up:


Aspen and Phenix Saint pleasure each other into an intense state of excitement and euphoria as they taste each other’s cocks and get ready to fuck.


It… does not.

Ok. Well we’ll watch it again.




I… Ehhh…. I didn’t love this! I really liked :31 when it goes from some pretty unenthusiastic fellatio to some VERY enthusiastic penetration. But overall, this felt uninteresting and kind of forced. Like these two guys would never have done any of this without cash and cameras involved. That sucks.


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I wish I had better stuff to say about this scene, because the last time I wrote about Gods of Men, it was great. Maybe another sleep and wake up will change my opinion on it.


Watch the whole thing here and tell me what you thought.


– tyler