Captain America: Why Have You Done This To Paddy O’Brian?

This is not going to be a fun time.


I’ve really tried during my time here to not say shitty things about scenes or performers. I think that’s the easy route, and frankly, why would you want to watch the full version of anything someone said was terrible or featured terrible performers?

But I haven’t had great feels about this Captain America thing and this last episode really just. I can’t. I can’t go on. Paddy O’Brian is too good at what he does (all of these performers are) to deserve this. Why? WHY,, have you done this to Paddy?



Even the X-Men Movies (the real ones, not this one) feature terrible, TERRIBLE wigs. But nothing that compares to this atrocity you’ve forced onto the head of one of the best gay porn stars working today.

This is almost unwigable… unwatchable:




Did you see? Did you see Alex Mecum almost not being able to hold it together getting fucked by this wig? We are ALL getting fucked by this wig, and it hurts and makes me sad.


16 17 18 21 23


YOU DID SO GOOD WITH XXX-MEN! Just start running through the sequels of that. And then when you get to Days of Future Past, just cast it with all the guys from Helix. It’s a flawless strategy. Because this will not stand.




Go punish yourself and watch the full lace front here.



– tyler

2 thoughts on “Captain America: Why Have You Done This To Paddy O’Brian?

  1. Righteous indignation from the expert on long, luscious, flowing locks!

    He kinda looks like Jennifer Anniston in the second pic, no?

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