Gus Kenworthy confirms he’s “taken”, talks more about why he switched to Team GB

Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy has confirmed that he’s officially “taken”, and opened up further about his decision to switch to Team GB for the Beijing Winter Olympics. The gay, silver-medal-winning Olympian keeps his personal life fairly private. However, last month, E! News revealed the identity of his […]

What’s “Daddy’s Secret?” (Hint: It Involves Aspen, Myles Landon, And A Lot Of Anal)

Fuckdaddy Myles Landon’s taste for man-ass and his enjoyment of said ass sitting on his cock is exposed. Who cares? He gets to plunge in the beefy butt belonging to musclecubby Aspen. Hell, if it were me and I had Myles’ bod and got to […]