Discuss: PositiveLife’s WRAPPED OR RAW Campaign

Pos-pos sex isn’t something we talk about every day. This may sound like a giant “duh”, but an individual’s sex life doesn’t come to an end when he becomes HIV-positive. Of course, it’d be ridiculous to assume all HIV-positive men are using condoms in the bedroom with other pos guys, but what resources are available for guys who want to manage risk, stay healthy and have great sex?

Enter the WRAPPED OR RAW campaign, from Australian organization Positive Life NSW. The campaign acknowledges that, in 2010, gay men are continuing to develop new ways to manage the risk of HIV transmission, including pos-pos sex. The organizers believe other HIV campaigns and resources need to recognize this, while continuing to promote a community-wide message that condoms and lube are effective means for HIV prevention.

“We know that most men in Sydney use condoms most of the time,” says CEO Rob Lake. “In fact, the recent PASH Study reported 59.5% use them all the time with casual partners. We also need strategies that acknowledge the education needs of the other 40.5%”.

The WRAPPED OR RAW site provides a forum for HIV-positive men to share their stories, talk with each other and leave comments. It emphasizes disclosure and communication, while offering information on other health risks such as LGV, Syphilis, Hepatitis-C and HIV-reinfection. Overall, what do you think of the campaign? Should more organizations acknowledge choices made by pos guys about using condoms in pos-pos sex in their print and online resources?

– Dewitt