Colby’s Crew: Colby Jansen Breaks In Kevin David

Oh, Colby Jansen.

I dream of you.

That time you drove me back to the hotel after your shoot….

And I thought “I am sitting in Colby Jansen’s car. Colby Jansen is sitting less than a foot beside me. Colby’s cock, ass, and the rest of him are so very close. Do I offer to blow him? Do I offer to clean his house? Am I going to pass out?” I kept my cool, though. My middle name was “CALM.” We conversed like gentlemen. Also, nothing was going to happen because he is one of and has had the most beautiful men in the world! Why would he get with me? Plus, he was totally sore from fucking around with Jaxton Wheeler all day. Maybe next time? You’ll always have my heart (and my boner), Colby.

Oh, yeah, I’ve got a porn post to write. Here’s the latest from Colby’s Crew! Kevin David (I am so jealous of this ho) gets to bounce on Colby’s thick cock. Kevin David gets Colby’s scruffy face exfoliating his pelvis and buttcheeks. Kevin David sucks! Jealousy is so ugly.

Michael Xavier