ChaosMen: Rowan Sucks And Gets Fucked For The First Time (At $20 Off!)

ChaosMen is one of the more popular porn studios out there, and with good reason. They’re no frills and get right down to business. They feature hot guys that aren’t TOO hot so they’re relatable. They’re featuring a holiday marathon right now, and offering $20 off a 90-day membership. It’s way worth it when they capture fucking like this:

Ride em’, cowboy! According to the literature, this was straight boy Rowan’s first time at this particular rodeo. By that, I mean this is his first time sucking cock and getting a dick in his ass. They let him sit on Kiefer’s hog so he could “control” the situation. I think the only thing controlling this situation is his prostate because Kiefer’s cock is obviously hitting his button just right.

I’m sure they flip-fucked just to make Rowan feel like he wasn’t the “woman” in this situation. Has he never heard of power bottoms? You can dominate with your ass!

Check out more of Kiefer and Rowan below. Head over to ChaosMen to watch their entire scene for $20 off.

Michael Xavier

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